Candles That Do Good


We have three sweet miniature horses that live with us at Blue Pumpkin Farm and make special visits to the disabled, sick, and elderly. 

Our first mini to come live with us on our farm was Bubba. We purchased Bubba before he reached his first birthday. His original owners decided they had too many horses to care for and we were glad to bring him home! He has taken on the role of the herd's leader (big boss). We named him Bubba so children and speech-disabled individuals could easily say his name :)

The second horse to join us on the farm was Mr. Brown. We purchased Mr. Brown from his second owner in just under a year and we did not want him to continue to bounce around from owner to owner - he needed stability and a safe place he knew was his home.  Our grandson named him "Mr. Brown" because - you guessed it- he is brown!  Mr. Brown is the class clown - always wanting to play and is as silly as can be!

Our third mini "Bubbles" (pictured above), came to us when he was two years old. When we first saw him, he was dirty, his mane and tail were knotted and his spirit just seemed broken. We purchased him at an auction and do not know much about his life before coming to our farm. Bubbles is our smallest horse. Since arriving here, he has developed into the sweetest little boy (gelding) with a crazy love for strawberries! He is always a fan favorite during therapy visits.

If you would like to follow our minis, you can connect with us on our Instagram account:  @BluePumpkinFarm 



In addition to "mini" horse therapy sessions, equine-assisted therapy also includes the use of "standard-sized" horses in therapeutic programs.

Since we do not have the needed facilities to manage the bigger 900 to 2,000 pound horses at our farm, we do the next best thing!  We choose to donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations that provide large equine therapy services including riding, grooming, feeding, and leading bigger horses -- all while being supervised by specially trained handlers.

The benefits of equine-assisted therapy are numerous - whether using miniature or standard-sized horses. Some of the benefits include promoting general happiness, physical balancing, core strengthening, memory recall, emotional regulation, self-confidence and personal responsibility. 

If you ever have an opportunity to volunteer for or watch an equine therapy session in progress, you will be amazed to see how these uniquely trained horses truly connect with their special human friends!

We are extremely grateful for your support and blessed beyond words that we can all play a part in this amazing community.